Built by an incredible team of creative and talented people aiming the same goal, MOKO goal is to provide the most powerful and user-friendly application on the market.


Anthony Omenya

Founder & CEO

Anthony is an entrepreneur and mobile developer with over 5 years of experience in supporting start-ups with fast-growing markets. In 2014, he successfully founded INsidde.com, the first social media platform for sports fans, still active to this day with thousands of members, and which had received Québecor attention for a buy-out.


Ruben Ver Berne

Co-founder & Creative Director

Ruben is a creative and ambitious designer who loves new technologies and having successfully completed a masters degree in Graphic Design. In 2014 he co-founded INsidde.com with anthony.


Andre Mwana

Co-founder & VP Marketing

Andre was previously a dancer and singer for the Afro group Ezamoto. His father was also an African musician, so he has a rich background in Afro music and culture. In 2013 he also created a marketing business in which he had success.


Benoit Fortin

Co-founder & CFO

Benoit is a young investor with a bachelor degree in economics and finance at the université of HEC montréal. He's spotting good opportunities and always think out of the box to solve problems.


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