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Our Mission

Africa, the Caribbean and their artistic talents are not sufficiently highlighted worldwide. Today, the craze for music and African culture around the world becomes increasingly important.

By offering a direct link between African and caribbean artists and their fans, the MOKO app provides a new dynamic in the light of the 2.0 technology.

Our mission is to reach and entertain fans of Afro and Caribbean music, regardless of their background. They say that music is a universal language. Well Afro music is JOYFUL, COLORFUL, FUN and we want to share this beautiful language with the world.

— Team Moko

The team

Built by an incredible team of creative and talented people aiming the same goal, MOKO goal is to provide the most powerful and user-friendly application on the market.


Anthony Omenya

Founder and CEO

Anthony is an entrepreneur and mobile developer with over 10 years of experience in supporting start-ups with fast-growing markets. In 2014, he successfully founded, which had received Québecor attention for a buy-out.


Andre Mwana

Co-Founder and VP of Marketing

Andre was previously a dancer and singer for the Afro group Ezamoto. His father was also an African musician, so he has a rich background in Afro music and culture. In 2013 he also created a marketing business in which he had success.


Ruben Ver Berne

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Ruben is a creative and ambitious designer who loves new technologies and having successfully completed a masters degree in Graphic Design. In 2014 he co-founded with anthony.


Benoit Fortin

Co-founder & CFO

Benoit is a young investor with a bachelor degree in economics and finance at the université of HEC montréal. He's spotting good opportunities and always think out of the box to solve problems.


Amy King

Director of Marketing

With a 5 years of experience in music industry, Amy is the marketing director and take care of all strategies, and public relations of the company.


Winnie portrait

Head of Product Design

With a background in Graphic Design, Winnie currently operate as a UI/UX design professional. Her vocation is to offer user experiences that solve real problems and from which the solution could be sustained by the most recent technologies, as well as efficient design practices.

Our partners

Their support is essential to fulfilling our mission.


Moko Gives back

Much more than a downloadapplication, MOKO is also and above all a social application where artists can directly promote their art to their fans by offering them a privileged space, simple and easy to use, in which all the news are grouped together in one place .

We are expanding!

We’re always looking for passionate people who are excited
to be a part of our beat and mission. Your role will help us on our journey to explosive growth. If you are excited by challenge and fast paced work, send us your resume.